Roads Untraveled
Episode 109

Junk day. - #109

Marcus Vandenberg published on

Hey guys! Little bit of an error with this episode on my part so I apologize for that. One of the mics wasn't recording the entire show lol. We'll definitely have Sid and Josh back on the show in the near future so hang tight and enjoy this epic show! We discuss all important things like unreleased podcast episodes, Canadian resorts, Jesse's mountain climb (again), new ICBC laws, GoodRide tires, the Sharkwerks GT4, North Surrey, 911s, Jesse's mysterious packages, Josh's AE86 vs. his AW11 MR2, junk day, trampolines, illegal vehicle modifications, car fires, driving cars on sidewalks, and as well we get the most comprehensive update we've ever heard from Jesse on his Austin Mini project car!!! Enjoy. 

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