Roads Untraveled
Episode 65

Sid - RWB 911 Owner and Driving Enthusiast - #65

Marcus Vandenberg published on

In this very special episode of the podcast, Marcus is joined by the usual suspects Grayson and Jesse, as well as a good friend of the show and overall car fanatic, Sid. Sid is the owner of RWB #8 in Canada which Akira Nakai-San built for him back in the spring. Sid originally invited us out to come and film his build which is how we originally met and now, as a good friend of the show, we stopped by his place to talk about his love for Porsche and classic cars in general. Sid owns a number of different cars that vary in origin, power, value, and purpose. He also has some great experiences behind some of the quickest cars on the road today. Everything from Aston Martin ownership, to the Porsche Idlers race in Japan, Sid lays down his humble opinion on what we find to be some of the most fascinating aspects of car culture, locally and abroad. Enjoy!

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