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Episode 2

B.O.N.D.I.N.G. Agents Episode 002: The Avengers “Steed and Dr. Gale” (1963)

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Explicit Content: Authorized Eyes Only

Agent Codenames: Old Dude; Diabolu Frank
Assignment: Father & Son Spy-Fi Podcast
Mission: An overview of the 1961-1969 British television series The Avengers starring Patrick Macnee as the dapper bowler’d spy John Steed and his various (mostly female) partners with an emphasis on Honor Blackman’s Cathy Gale (who we must never call by character name in the episode) and Emma Peel (unnamed actress.) While the episode is ostensibly centered on the second episode of the third series, “The Undertakers,” shake any pursuers through lengthy tangents on Beatles movies, Dr. Who, lowbrow sex comedies (“The Yakety Sax” maneuver) and long forgotten children’s daytime shows that cannot be located even by Google.

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