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Episode 27

DC Films Special Podcast: Suicide Squad: Task Force X-Tra

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Coarse Language: Listener Discretion is Advised

Meanwhile... Mr. Fixit, Fry-Hole, Illegal Machine, & Diabolu Frank (Waller released Pekita) go on a side mission of stuff that didn't fit in the movie podcast for time and content. In a sequel to our Batman: Assault on Arkham, Suicide Squad (2016) and The Suicide Squad (2021) episodes, we talk about Fryhole & Fixit's exposure to the team in comics, the DC Universe Animated Original Movies Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018) & Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021), the soundtrack of the new film, the ill-fated lesser cinematic Squad members, Marvel's X-Statix, the absence of Dave Bautista and Brendan Fraser(?!?), critical reception versus box office, and the future of the DCEU (again?!?)


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