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Episode 5

Guardians of the Galaxy: Experienced it in IMAX 3D

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Face Front, True Believers! The universe's most polyphallicetious Marvel Comics podcast returns to discuss the biggest hit film of the summer not associated with Michael Bay, Guardians of the Galaxy! Join Illegal Machine, Mr. Fixit and Diabolu Frank as they debate the highs and lows of Marvel Studios' latest blockbuster franchise! While we tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, you'd probably ought to have seen the movie before listening, or at least skip the podcast "chapter" beginning at 16:01, where the majority of plot landmines lie. In the second half, we open up the floor to all the Marvel Studios movies, and then a few quick draws out of the Mail Bag!

Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers...

  • 01:15 The Ill Mac gives his concise overall review.
  • 03:22 Fixit chimes in with his take. Mac might take off on a tangent at some point.
  • 11:19 So, there were some dumb parts, fanboys? Wait, Fryhole? Did I hear that right?
  • 14:00 Star Wars gets a Millennium Falcon Punch.
  • 16:33 We haven't heard much from Frank and we're a quarter of the way through a double length episode. I have a bad feeling about this...
  • 29:28 We offer our individual lists of Marvel Studios movies to date ranked by preference.
  • 31:00 Here's where the train derails folks, as we jump off the lists and into a mini-review of the Thor & Hulk movies.
  • 33:43 Mr. Fixit's list swiftly turns into a discussion of Iron Man 2 and 3.
  • 36:38 Oh yeah, Fixit's still trying to nail that list down. So, Cap?
  • 38:54 Mac brings it back to GotG.
  • 44:22 Can we see the reboots/recasting from here?
  • 58:05 The Mini-Marvel Mail Bag!
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