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Episode 10

Iron Man and Mr. Fixit: A Night with Mac and Fixit (Frank Free Episode!)

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Since our old buddy has been banished to the Negative Zone, Mac and Fixit decide to take a shot at this whole “podcasting” thing on their own.
The two guys break down the only Fixit/Iron Man crossover they could find. Iron Man #247 (October 1989) and Incredible Hulk #361 (November 1989) is a quick, caper style story bringing together not only two of our favorite characters, butICONIC creative teams of Dave Michelinie/Bob Layton for Iron Man and Peter David/Jeff Pervis for Hulk.

Mostly, we just needed something that Frank wouldn’t be pissed at us for covering. LOVE YOU, BRO!

Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here. 

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