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Episode 41

Rolled Spine Premature Birthday Self-Congratulation Summer Special

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here...

Face Front, True Believers! Illegal Machine, Mister Fixit and Diabolu Frank have been podcasting for one week shy of a year, and with other plans for next week, we decided to devote nearly an hour to fellating ourselves like the ribless circle jerks we are on the show's "secret origins" and such, plus we talk Comicpalooza 2015. Then, it's been many, many moons since our last substantial Marvel Mail Bag dive on this podcast, so we devote the better part of two hours in dialogue with you, our beloved listeners. And by "dialogue" we mean shenanigans like Frank going on an epic length rant against Superman based on Kyle Benning inoffensively offering a few modest corrections to our off-the-cuff talk about '90s Man of Steel stories. Frank isn't on meds, but that one is Exhibit "A." Excelsior!

As you can tell, we love a fierce conversation and a pretty picture, so why don't you socialize with us, either by leaving a comment on this page or...

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