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Spawn #1 & Youngblood Battlezone

Listener Discretion Advised


Spawn #1 by Todd McFarlane

“Questions,” Part 1
Dedicated To: Jack Kirby

I want to die… again.

1987: Services were held today for Lt. Colonel Al Simmons at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

1992: I remember there was someone… to love. Someone to hate. And I was something. Something special.


Youngblood Battlezone (1993) by Rob Liefeld

The government has a department for almost everything. In 1984, our heads of state decided that they needed a powerful public force; a force that could represent the government to the people. They also needed an edge to put our nation ahead of other world powers; an edge that they could control and the people could trust. By the end of the year, YOUNGBLOOD was underway.


Image is Everything


Spawning Ground

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