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Episode 6

Spawnometer 0-0-0-6: WildCATs Covert-Action-Teams

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Spawn #6 & WildCATs: Covert Action Teams #1-4

Listener Discretion Advised


Spawn #6 by Todd McFarlane

“Payback” Part 1
Dedicated To: Stan Lee

OVERT-KILL! In whispered voices, some call him “Overkill.” It has to do with his tendency to go beyond the necessary means.

Gino told me that Overt-Kill thinks it’s a Youngblood he’s after. He had a run-in with them a few years back, and hasn’t forgotten how they embarrassed him.

I’m not some drunk hobo that you can steamroll! Or are you afraid of someone who can fight back?!

A CYBORG! I fought them years ago, before I was killed. But they weren’t nearly as advanced. Nor as deadly.


WildCATs: Covert Action Teams #1-4 (1992)

by Jim Lee with Brandon Choi & Co.

I… witnessed my own death. The death of Major Adrianna Tereshkova.

Heavy collateral damage… Best guess? Two rogue C.A.T.s duked it out in the middle of D.C.

You were once Lord Emp– one of the four Lords of Power– the champion of mankind.

…We may begin the reunification. Soon our Daemonite brothers shall join us in conquering this misbegotten planet.

You’re all under arrest! Release the Vice-President! Now!


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