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Episode 8

Spawnometer 0-0-0-8: The Savage Dragon's Baptism of Fire

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Spawn #8 &The Savage Dragon (1992 miniseries) #1-3
Listener Discretion Advised

Spawn #8 by Alan Moore & Todd McFarlane

"In Heaven"
Dedicated To: Don & Maggie Thompson

i mean, nobody deserves that! not even, say, somebody who did twenty-seven kids and kept the bodies in his ice cream truck. which i didn't. and even if i did, isn't there a constitutional rights issue here? hmmm?

what kind of afterlife is this?

There's ten dead-lands. Like spheres, one inside another.

Now THIS, this place you're gonna like! Some people call is the Eighth Sphere, some call it The Malebolge, but ME... I call it HOME!!


The Savage Dragon: Baptism of Fire (1992) by Erik Larsen

Chicago, Illinois. Now.

I'm Lieutenant Frank Darling from the Chicago Police Department... You were found in a burning vacant lot. Do you have any idea how you got there? Do you remember anything about your life prior to waking up here? How come you have green skin?

Listen, Dragon. I need your help. We're being slaughtered out there. Super-freaks have stopped us at every turn. Cops are dying, local super-heroes are being put out of commission... You've got power, Dragon-- we need somebody like you on our side.

Cops sent a damn monster to get me.

Image is Everything

Spawning Ground

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