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Episode 15

Spawnometer 0:0:1:5: Youngblood Genesis

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Spawn #15 & Battlestone & Operation: Knightstrike & Youngblood
Listener Discretion Advised

Spawn #15
by Todd McFarlane

“Myths” Part 2
Dedicated To: Martin Nodell

How DARE you touch my maiden?

My prince… What have you become?

Not only did you prove that my new Spawn has the potential to become a fine officer, you also managed to destroy the one thing he held dear: …another’s love for him.

Youngblood Strikefile #1-3 (1993)

by Rob Liefeld with Eric Stephenson


Battlestone #1-2 (1994)

by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson & Marat Mychaels


Operation: Knightstrike #1-3 (1995)

by Brian Witten & Richard Horie


Youngblood Genesis #1-2 (2003)

by Kurt Busiek, Brandon Thomas, Chad & Eric Walker


Youngblood #0 (1992)

by Rob Liefeld, Dan Fraga & Danny Miki

Image is Everything

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Spawning Ground

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