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Episode 21

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Spawn #21 & Youngblood Yearbook & Team Youngblood #1-6 & Youngblood Strikefile

Listener Discretion Advised

Spawn #21 by Todd McFarlane

“The Hunt” Part 1
Dedicated To: Mike Grell

I don’t want your pity… I just don’t want you turning out to be like me or the other guys. We look up to you… the boys and I like like having you around. Makes us feel a bit cocky, if you know what I mean. If you can’t pick up the pieces, then you ain’t any better that us.

The matter of that little fat Clown, the dismantling of that hired gun Overt-Kill, and the invasion of your office by a costumed vigilante. Calling in The Admonisher to deal with the clown was a brilliant move, sir.

…the costumed invader… he’s Terence Fitzgerald, an operative for some ultra-covert agency.


Youngblood Strikefile #4 (1994) by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson, Jeff Matsuda & Danny Miki

Overtkill was one of my greatest creations, as well as being one of my most dramatic failures.


Youngblood Yearbook #1 (1993) by Eric Stephenson, Chap Yaep & Norm Rapmund


Team Youngblood #1-6 (1993-1994) by Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson, Chap Yaep, Cedric Nocon & Norm Rapmund with various


Masada in Youngblood Strikefile #6 (1994) by Tom & Mary Bierbaum, Chris Sprouse, and John Beatty



Cougar in Youngblood: Strikefile #9-11 (1994) by Robert Loren Fleming, Charlie Adlard, & Tom Tenney



Image is Everything


Promotional Material

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  • Zero Hour Strikes!: Co-hosts Siskoid and Bass cover the whole of DC Comics’ 1994 crossover event.
  • Action Film Face-Off: The Alberich brothers – both military combat veterans – are each assigned an action film to compare and contrast. Two films enter. One film leaves.


Spawning Ground

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