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Episode 22

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Spawn #22 & Supreme #7-18

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Spawn #22

by Todd McFarlane

“The Hunt” Part 2
Dedicated To: Frank Miller

As for Joe Sakic, three days from now, his body will be found under the George Washington Bridge, with his hands and feet viciously severed. Decapitated. Even his genitals will be missing. The police will conduct a full investigation, but in the absence of anything identifiable about the body, will have to close the case of John Doe 1994-714. Such is the life of a trusted employee of Vito Gravano.

One of the bums he knows says our hero usually hangs out in the same four block radius. I’ve mapped it out already, sir.

God, no. Vito thinks I’M Terry.


Supreme #7-18 (1993-1994)

by Eric Stephenson & Kurt Hathaway & Rob Liefeld & Ripley and Shawn McManus & Brian Murray & Pedi & Cedric Nocon & Dan Fraga & Todd Nauck & Marat Mychaels with Norm Rapmund & various

…Your lack of control over the G.A.T.E. sponsored super-team Heavy Mettle… the public… and I… distrust them… Consider the team disbanded as of this very moment!

I will bring the entire Reich– indeed the whole of Germany to its knees until Adolph Hitler is brought to me! Know that I mean what I say– for Thor does not make idle threats!!

Welcome to Eye On Supreme. I’m Maxine Winslow, and tonight we’re talking with… the first of his super-powered generation to appear in this century.

Today everyone looks at me with suspicion– as if they seem to have forgotten how I saved their butts in the Big One… Only to find that I’d been replaced by others— the Youngbloods. They thought the world had outgrown me. The fools.


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