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Episode 25

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Spawn #25 & Image Zero #0 & Image X-Month & Operation: Urban Storm & Shadowhawk: Out of the Shadows & The Savage Dragon: Baptism of Fire

Listener Discretion Advised

Spawn #25

by Todd McFarlane & Marc Silvestri & Matt Banning & Billy Tan

Dedicated To: The Spirit of Independence

As for Joe Sakic, three days from now, his body will be found under the George Washington Bridge, with his hands and feet viciously severed. Decapitated. Even his genitals will be missing. The police will conduct a full investigation, but in the absence of anything identifiable about the body, will have to close the case of John Doe 1994-714. Such is the life of a trusted employee of Vito Gravano.

One of the bums he knows says our hero usually hangs out in the same four block radius. I’ve mapped it out already, sir.

God, no. Vito thinks I’M Terry.


Image Zero #0

by Rob Liefeld & Art Thibert; Jim Lee & Brandon Choi & Scott Williams; Todd McFarlane & Dan Panosian; Erik Larsen; Marc Silvestri; Jim Valentino & Christopher Ivy; and Whilce Portacio

Extra-Image: Shadowhawk (1992)

by Jim Valentino

Operation: Urban Storm

featuring Shadowhawk, Savage Dragon, & Stormwatch

Shadowhawk #0 (1994)

by Rob Liefeld & Karl Alstaetter & Robert Napton

Cyberforce #8 (1994)

by Eric Silvestri & Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo & Mark Pennington & John Cleary

Youngblood #9 (1994)

by Jim Valentino & Dan Fraga

Savage Dragon #13 (1994)

by Jim Lee & Brandon Choi & Richard Bennett & Alex Garner & Dan Panosian & Scott Williams

WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams #14 (1994)

by Erik Larsen

Stupid #1 (1993)

by Hilary Barta

Splitting Image #1-2 (1993)

by Don Simpson

The Savage Dragon vs. The Savage Megaton Man #1 (1993)

by Erik Larsen & Don Simpson


Image is Everything

Spawning Ground

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