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Episode 32

Spawnometer 0:0:3:2: Blood Feud

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Listener Discretion Advised

Spawn #32

by Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo

Dedicated To: My – Wanda Kolomyjec

Composed of necro-plasm, this new warrior of the damned comes bound to a body-sheathing, red and black neural parasite.

Having been in “The Service” now for well over two millennia, she understands… Upper management’s business plan must be fully understood… particularly in light of Gabrielle’s fiasco. Like any successful employee, Rafael knows one’s appearance is important at these sessions.

Our goal is to listen. To learn. We guide only those who ask, and even then they mustn’t know it’s us… for the human soul is salvation for all of us.


Spawn Blood Feud #1-4 (1995)

by Alan Moore & Tony Daniel & Kevin Conrad

Dedicated To: Leah Moore, Amber Moore and all Young Urban Monsters Everywhere.
Dedicated To: Linda Gebbie: The Champ Vamp.
Dedicated To: Sylvia Moore (1927-1995)
Dedicated To: Jake and Joseph Moore: The Men of Tomorrow

I think today’s our ninth anniversary, sir.

I feel you creeping against my flesh. I know how your chains move and I saw how you reacted in Heaven. Is that what’s causing my blackouts? Some contra-reaction to paradise?

We all know why I’m here tonight. You have a problem, and that problem is super-natural beings. You may think of them in different terms: Youngbloods, Superfreaks… whatever. Personally, I prefer older labels… Wurdalak. Nosferatu. Vampire.

Image is Everything

Spawning Ground

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