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Episode 80

[The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast 80] The Coming of Red Wolf!

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believer! Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine & Mister Fixit discuss the minority hero from Avengers comics who serves a nation devoted to an animal spirit for whom he dons this predator’s colored garb as part of a legacy spanning prehistory on into the far future! No, not Black Panther, but the “Masked Indian Avenger of the Western Plains!” From the 16th Century Cheyenne, Wildrun! From the American Old West, Johnny Wakely! Among the modern Rangers stands William Talltrees! In the holocaust of today, Thomas Thunderhead! Of an alternate future, Rojohn Smythe! And out of an alternate past, the Red Wolf of Earth-51920! We give a light overview of the 1972 Red Wolf series, 1970’s The Avengers #80-81, 1971’s Marvel Spotlight #1, 1984’s Hercules #2, elements from 1992’s “Citizen Kang” arc, and 2015’s 1872 mini-series! Excelsior!

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  • Martin Gray

    I remember reading the original Red Wolf’s debut in Avengers, he looked amazing, what with the big pet. And I tried a couple of issues of Occupy Avengers, but it was rubbish. I’ve never really got into Marvel’s Western books, so far as the Man of Two Worlds’ trope is concerned, I’ll take DC’s Scalphunter any day.

    If you don’t have Red Wolf in stereotyped cowboy movie costume, you ain’t got nuthin’ - I want the loincloth! The cowboys can be Village People types too, for cheese parity.

    The modern look in his own comic (‘Injun Baby!’) was horrid, his mask looked like a Davy Crockett hat gone wrong.