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Episode 83

[The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast 83] Marvel Chillers featuring Tigra & Red Wolf (1975)

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

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Face Front, True Believer! From deep in the annals of the #MarvelSHP library comes a recording session from 2015 between Diabolu Frank & Illegal Machine on the Were-Woman! After nearly three years of trying to realize The Coming of Red Wolf, now the story of The Indian Avenger of the Western Plains’ team-up with The Feline Fury can finally be told! Slot this edition in your back issue bins between segments from episode #62, as illustrated by a brief gallery of flashback clips of Dr. Anj & Mr. Fixit! Also, Count Drunkula manages a “pre-title sequence” cameo where we briefly talk Marvel’s Native & Latinx heroes and… Bravestar?!? But the core of the episode covers Tigra’s five issue stint as the star of Marvel Chillers, specifically #3 & 5-7 by Tony Isabella, Will Meugniot, John Byrne, George Tuska, & Jim Shooter! The Tigra Tracks trail toward a brief Mighty Marvel Mail Bag covering Red Wolf’s earlier episode! Excelsior!

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