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Episode 99

[The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast] “The Lost Episodes”

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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here…

Face Front, True Believers! Can it be true? Has The Irredeemable Shag replaced Illegal Machine & Mr. Fixit as co-host of Rolled Spine Podcasts?!? In this penultimate episode ahead of our centennial, we look back at the shows that didn’t quite make the cut! For instance, what we call Brand Echh, you might know better as The Fire and Water Podcast, who nixed our planned guest appearance! We hold a kangaroo court against our favorite characters like Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Iron Man, and… Batman? Then we have the failed pilot for OHOTMUcast, and an on-site look at 2015’s Comicpalooza convention! We’re really emptying out the junk drawer tonight, folks! Excelsior?

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