Rolled Spine Podcasts
Episode 13

The Origin of the Incredible Hulk

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Fantasy as you like it! The strangest man of all time!! Is he Man or Monster or... is he both? It's "The Coming of the Hulk" as we look at The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962,) its faithful adaptation on the 1966 The Marvel Super Heroes animated series, plus the 1982 and 1996 takes from two separate series of The Incredible Hulk cartoons. Added value bonus at no additional cost to our treasured listeners: Hulk related commentary, anecdotes, and tunes as part of our biggest show yet! This is the last early episode length audio recorded using the Graphophone system onto cardboard tubes covered in wax as overseen by Alexander Graham Bell himself, so please excuse the low audio quality, awkward chemistry, jokes that miss like a troop run by Major Glenn Talbot, excess of needless recapping rather than essential commentary, and Frank hogging too much of the narration.

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