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Episode 69

The Sting of the Black Widow!

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Face Front, True Believer!

This week we return to Marvel’s ex-Soviet super spy Natasha Romanoff for spotlight episode #2.5! After being an Iron Man villain and a Hawkeye femme fatale, the Black Widow hangs up her fishnets and goes ginger, donning a more film-familiar costume and gadgets to fight crime! Petty, prosaic, politically problematic street crime! And also your Friendly Neighborhood Web-Head, beginning in July 1970’s The Amazing Spider-Man #86 by Stan Lee & John Romita! Then we continue to her first “solo” series (she was a glorified back-up for The Inhumans) in the bifurcated anthology Amazing Adventures #1-8 (1970-1971,) although we only synopsize the first three by Gary Friedrich (him again) and John Buscema! Beware the Black Widow’s stinger! It’s a knockout! Excelsior!

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