Rolled Spine Podcasts
Episode 36

The Ultimate Allegiance

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Face Front, True Believers! Our already edited and nigh-publishable Tuesday episode of #MarvelSHP was lost in the Negative Zone, so Illegal Machine & Diabolu Frank had to whip up an entirely new episode that night so that you wouldn't have to do without this week! Can you center an hour-plus long podcast on a t-shirt? You be the judge as a heavily reworked version of Mike Zeck (and now mucho company) art from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 unveils an Illuminati-like agenda! What do the incorporation of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the oeuvre of Quentin Tarantino have in common? How could this impact the Netflix Marvel shows and The Punisher? Is it possible we Homo-Superior-Phobes could have positive things to say about FOX's Deadpool movie? Also, how awesome is Captain America? #JanetVanCrime! The Mandarin! All Your Mails Are Belong To Us! Excelsior!

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