Rolled Spine Podcasts
Episode 46

Wild Agents of Marvel- Token Fire Guy

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Face Front, True Believers! It’s been two months since our last #MarvelSHP! We do other Rolled Spine Podcasts, so you could subscribe to another stream if you for really and truly missed us, but that’s not your scene, is it? So fine then– you get to miss Illegal Machine and Mister Fixit some more, because they’re not on this episode, either!

This week we return to a forgotten feature of the podcast, Wild Agents of Marvel, named after the 1990s fan club from the House of Ideas! Here we spotlight the stories of our friends and listeners! Regular appreciator (of all our shows, fair weather friends) and podcast virgin Token Fire Guy tells how he got into comics, The Dark Tower, and generally gabs with our own Diabolu Frank! Poor (T.F.) Guy’s probably got balls of blue, having recorded much of this show over a year ago, and placed in deep freeze until we were ready for him to defrost au flambé to entertain you! Then, original W.A.M. Man Count Drunkula of Secret Origins Podcast and Flowers & Fishnets: A Black Canary Podcast takes audio Frank specifically told him he had no interest in broadcasting that was part of a warm-up chat for one of his podcasts, emailed it to Frank anyway, and our boy shamelessly threw it in to expand this show! Finally, the Mighty Marvel Mail Bag! Excelsior!

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