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Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here...

We couldn't get anything good ready for podcast, so "enjoy" a recording session with the microphone and digital mixer set-up that came after we were talking into cheap headsets but before we got quality equipment, not that Frank didn't waste hundreds of dollars on this non-returnable crap. It's difficult to hear, which is why it was shelved, but in a pinch this golden turd will have to doo. Most of the discussion centers on the documentary <i>Jodorowsky's Dune</i>, about the aborted 1970s loose gonzo adaptation of Frank Herbert's revered science fiction novel. About three-quarters of an hour in, we drift off into random gab involving such disparate flicks as <i>Wayne's World</i>. The really funny stuff involved masturbation shame and otherwise going dark, but things got a little personal and we started dropping each other's real names and those of ex-girlfriends and even penis nicknames, so Conservative Mac made us take all that out. Your loss!<br />

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