Episode 6

From hot off the press, to fresh out the oven

R J published on

Double-major graduate, poltical science postgraduate and former Egypt and Sudan-based journalist, Dallia Abdelmoniem gave it all up just a few years ago to become Head Baker at her very own successful cake-making company.

This episode's guest, really packs a punch, and in her straight-talking, no-nonsense fashion, Dallia tells us what led her to make such a radicai career transition and how it helped her to re-evaluate what happiness and success means to her.

Dallia Abdelmoniem gives it to us straight on why she returned to Sudan after many years living in Egypt witnessing the revolutions of 2011 and 2013, and why her fellow nationals should follow suit.

We also find out why Margaret Thatcher was her childhood hero, how she found her voice growing up in a patriarchical society and what really drives her to work so hard for her business.


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