Episode 9

The ComeBack Kid

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The festive period and welcoming in 2018 has passed some time ago, as has the motivation many of us had in going cold turkey to give up our vices.

However, what if through the sliding door, the changes you thought about making were a matter of saving the deepest relationships you have around you including (and most importantly) with yourself. How far and to what lengths would you be willing to go? How deep could you dig? Would you have the stamina to commit to yourself, or would back out on yourself?  

Many times on my travels, I observed people either running to, or running away from something (imagined or real). Often, for those indulging in a sense of escapism, it went hand-in-hand with a dependency on alcohol or drugs in order to get through the day in an attempt to combat sadness, loneliness, anger, depression, anxiety and fear to mention but a few of the rawest human emotions we can experience.

In this episode of RootED, I'd like to invite you to listen for the next hour to one man's story of what it is like to finally recognise and admit to yourself when the very thing you think is helping you, is killing you and where you go from there.

What I love so much about Joe Yunker, Founder and Host of podcast 'The ComeBack Kid', as I am sure you will too, is his refreshing honesty.

The type of honesty that comes from a person who has seen a lot, has lost a lot, and therefore values with immense gratitude all that is given to them, for they truly understand that they are neither deserved of, or owed anything in this thing we call life.

Joe takes us through his experiences as a former drug addict including the multiple times he went beyond rock bottom, and yet had the courage to continuously pull himself up and give sobriety another shot. In spite of the fear of failure, and success in every attempt. His mesmerising story could happen to any of us, or someone that we know in much less than six-degrees of separation. 

Joe's story is more than just a self-reflective account of drug addiction. He shares deep and profound insights into some of the biggest issues that affect all humankind, no matter where you are or who you are. Including one of the most powerful life lessons of all - the realisation that your thoughts have the power to kill you, or bring life to your brief existence on Earth.


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