Episode 3

Unveiling the heart of the matter

R J published on

In this episode, we meet Jawahir Alfaiz, a Positive Psychology practitioner and owner of Mind Spa - a personal development training business based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where she was born. 

Jawahir shares with us why after leaving Saudi Arabia at a young age with her family, her fears of returning as an adult woman were completely unfounded. In addition, her views on daily life in Saudi Arabia, interaction amongst its people and visitors, and the seldomly mainstream media discussed notion that women are paving the way for advancement in the nation. 

Jawahir is also brave enough to share intimate details of her very powerful story of how she battled through depression in order to become a beacon of light, empowering women of all ages through Mind Spa. We also explore how personal development training for both men and women is taking off across the land, and why it is absolutely essential for every human being in order to make a positive impact in the world. 

If you would like to contact Jawahir, please email: for further information on how to do so.


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