Episode 5

What the PEBKAC?!

R J published on

If you are anything like me when it comes to technology, when you first read PEBKAC you may be at a loss to even begin to fathom what it means!

Not to worry though as this episode's guest, Russian-born IT Infrastructure Engineer, Guennadi Kochelev, explains what it is and why everyone without exception has the potential to be a PEBKAC.

IT security and connections on our phones, laptops and PCs can be one of the many frustrations when consistently working abroad - both in terms of maintaining operational performance, and keeping in touch with our loved ones back home.

Guennadi gives us the breakdown of some essential IT basics, with easy to follow and implement advice that will keep your personal data safe and secure whether at home or abroad - even in the most fragile of environments.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, Guennadi's light-hearted and open approach to explaining what can all too often be jargon-heavy concepts, will have you feeling a bit more IT-savvy in no time, and as he puts it, may also have you discovering your inner 'geek' too!

If you would like to contact Guennadi, please email for further information.


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