Runaways TV Talk
Episode 13

203 Double Zeros

Brian Frederick published on

Runaways TV Talk - The Runaways attempt to use their new abilities without Alex who is still conversing with Darius and his family. Gert is still antsy without her medication which concerns Chase. Molly continues to sneak out and use her powers to "fight crime" with Nico reprimanding her, though she does not tell Gert. Leslie is upset with Frank for taking over the church, but he tells her that he is just playing along with Jonah. Jonah has Leslie get his DNA from the Yorkses and tries to get Victor to study his blueprints. He sends Janet into Victor's mind and she has him help her decode Jonah's language. Darius finally sells out Alex to Geoffrey who in turn tries to make amends with him by giving him a hotel key card. Alex secretly sends help to the Runaways who come and save him. Darius arrives at the hotel and meets Catherine who kills him and frames him for Destiny's murder, clearing the Runaways. Alex situates himself back with his friends while Gert discovers Molly's midnight runs. She is followed back to the hostel by another teenager named Topher who covers for them.

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