Episode 6

The Strategy to learn anything and test it for Effectiveness With Barbosa Sensei

JOSHUA BARBOSA published on

This Episode Master Barbosa gives a taste of the C.A.S.M.I.R strategy. It is the master plan for any behavior change you are about to make or anything you want to start doing, and it could be the BJJ journey you are about to enter, it consists of six questions that you should ask yourself when you are about to conceive your plan. If you have complete control over and take responsibility to do it yourself without any help or relying on anybody to perform, therefore you can blame nobody but yourself for any possible failure. It must be achievable, a pine on the sky plan is not going to work, a 1000 mile journey starts with an only simple step!

Your plan must be attainable with your ability to do it successfully, and Simplicity is the key, your method has to be concise enough for an easy understanding, clear to the point. Having a measurable outcome is crucial to your plan success, how exactly you are going to do it, know the legality of it, and anticipate any glitches and have enough flexibility to adjust.

Once you got this far, do not waste time thinking about it or dwelling about your plan, TAKE ACTION NOW!

Once you got the ball rolling, your plan must be repeatable; once you repeat over and over again, it will become a HABIT, ONCE BECOMES A HABIT YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR FOR GOOD! BE BOLD, BE STRONG, FEEL THE FEAR, AND DO IT ANYWAY!

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