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Silver and Gold Episode 23: Sweet Dreams Major Force

FKAjason published on

It is again time to join FKAjason and  Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary as they review and discuss Booster Gold (vol 1) #12 and Captain Atom (DC  vol 1) #12. Booster has his final showdown with the Director of the 1,000. Captain Atom is reunited with his son Randy.

“War” from Booster Gold #12 was by Dan Jurgens Mike DeCarlo, Gene D’Angelo, John Costanza, and Barbara Randall. It's Booster versus the SCUBA Squad and the 1,000.

“Sweet Dreams, Major Force” from Captain Atom #11 was by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, Pat Broderick, Bob Smith, Nansi Hoolahan, Duncan Andrews, and Dennis O’Neil. Captain Atom is finally reunited with his son Randy while Eiling and Megala prepare for the coming of the mysterious Major Force.  Guest Stars: Major Force (kind of). Silver Watch: The month Captain Atom #12 came out, Cap also appeared in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #68, Justice League International (vol 1) #10, Millennium #5, Wonder Woman #13, Millennium #6, Superman #14, Millennium #7, and Millennium #8. Remember to use the hashtag #SNGPOD when commenting on social media! Follow us on Twitter! (@SNGPOD4779)

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