SOM Talk Live
Episode 88

Basheer | Talks New Music, Muslim Roots, & More!

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My journey started in Oakland, California where I was born… Saint Louis where I was raised… in Saint Louis, I discovered my talent for music/singing writing, anything creative I was into or still is, I was always the best drawer in the class, the best writer. I remember writing a poem in 9th grade, my teacher told me I should be taking College AP courses after she read my poem, so yeah, I feel like a genius, it has always been a part of my makeup/DNA but honestly, I was a class clown so they never worked out… the reason why I was a class clown because the school work was remedial, for me, it was too easy, so I never took it seriously but you could catch me dreaming off to music at all times of the day. I’d say it wasn’t till after high school was when I really took music seriously, I ended linking up with a friend of mine who goes by the name SHVL, he helped me a lot with learning how to engineer and just overall recording.

We were hella cool best friends type shit but we fell off… still best regards always though… I will always give credit where it’s due… but upon realizing my potential prowess for music, I discovered even more how much I love myself and those around me. In my music, I’ve made it a point to always try to teach what can someone take away from what they just heard. Does it invoke any spirits? Does it make you feel better? Wiser/cooler after you listen to one of my songs? I strive for creating from my heart, and soul what feels natural.

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