SOM Talk Live
Episode 48

Jaye Valentine | Talks Music, R&B, & More!

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From sultry ballads to high-energy club bangers, Jaye Valentine’s emergence as a rising R&B star marks the return of artistry to the genre. Described in one word by record label executives as “versatile,” Jaye Valentine’s credits include singer, songwriter, pianist and actress. She’s setting the stage to bring new energy and style to the urban music scene, and poised to push the envelope with a sound that’s all her own.


For Jaye Valentine, music has always been close to heart and home. Born into a family of singers and musicians, she demonstrated talent early on and her father became her first vocal coach. At the age of eight, she began playing the piano and singing in the church choir. Her passion for music was further nurtured by listening to all styles, including blues, gospel, R&B and even country, citing Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill as some of her biggest influences.


Like many powerhouse female artists, Jaye Valentine entered the music industry at an early age, joining her first girl group at 13. As a member of Beget, she traveled the U.S. performing for massive crowds, sharing the stage with chart toppers and musical legends from Mystikal and Silk to The Temptations. She would later join Embrace, a group heavily rooted in R&B and soul.


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