SOM Talk Live
Episode 2

Spantaneeus | Talks Remembering pac, PLM, and "All Eyes On Me" movie!

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Spantaneeus aka: Span,Xtasty,Spantaneeus Xtasty started in the entertainment industry at the tender age of 5 yrs old starring in plays & print work modeling for children! As time went on at the age of 12 yrs old she became a fashion model in,Madrid Spain,at that tender age she looked more as an Adult then a 12 yr old with a very exotic look that many modeling agencies was seeking for! She would always keep up with her education & grades in school & during the summer she would be overseas modeling in the summer! Later she started to get into playing drums & music. She started her own band as a drummer doing gigs for a lot of colleges from east coast to west coast! She also was dancing & appearing in music video's for Rap Artist's for Ruffhouse Records & lots of people wanted to always see her as lead vocals for her band,so she started to go into the studio & start working on her rap vocals! She would be in the studio 8-10 hours per day practicing her vocals to perfection! Spantaneeus then started to get on tours opening up for, Chubb Rock & Mc Lyte Big Daddy Kane, Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugz & Harmony after that everyone started to talk about who was the female who shut the shows down,lyrically then every number 1 rap artist wanted,Spantaneeus to open up for them! So she end,up opening up for the Flavor Unit Tour with Queen Latifah,Blacksheep, Das Efx, Naughty By Nature, Apache,& Brothers of the Blackmarket from Select Records! After that tour she performed at the Jack The Rapper Convention in Atlanta,Ga then she got signed with Ichiban Records in Atlanta,Ga While being in Atlanta,Ga Tupac Shakur wanted to meet her,everyone was hearing about the female who was shutting down the stage! Tupac & Spantaneeus became best friends,then a romantic relationship then later he became her manager & signed her to his company,Thugz Mansion Management,as his only Female,artist under his,company! Spantaneeus was the 1st female rap artist signed to Ichiban Records who had other Artist's such as Curtis Mayfield & Mc Breed! Spantaneeus was signed with Ichiban Records for 5yrs but she got out of The contract because release dates for her album kept,changing! Throughout her career people always felt that she had the look to be a famous playboy movie star, someone she knew sent her photo to a major multi-million dollar playboy company in Hollywood,Ca! That company loved her look & they flew her to Cali & signed her under a contract,so Spantaneeus Xtasty the playboy movie star was created! So when Spantaneeus arrived to,Hollywood, a new star was born in 1995! Spantaneeus done 352 movies,won 9 Awards in The Adult Entertainment Industry! Spantaneeus is in the Hall of Fame,twice 2011 & 2012 at the UrbanXAwards in, Hollywood,Ca & The Players Hall of Fame in 2001 in New York City! Spantaneeus also received a LifeTime Achievement Award at The Music Global Award Show held in Philadelphia at the Africano TV Red Carpet Awards 2010! Spantaneeus movies sold 20 million globally & still selling today! She is now the,CEO for a major music company in Philadelphia & New York City called, Pleasure Life Music Publishing Inc.! With Artist's that she manages from,Philly & Nyc & also herself being a music artist,model & celebrity which she has crossed over to mainstream very successfully! Spantaneeus is the Most Followed on Twitter who has retired,from being a playboy movie star of a woman of color! Spantaneeus has been on the covers of,every playboy magazine in the industry! She has toured the world,USA from Japan, Germany,Spain,Canada,etc.......with sold out shows & in-store signings! She has done,show events for,"Make a Wish Foundation for Kids", worked with politicians & the Mayor of her city of Philadelphia! Spantaneeus also does lots of positive things to help the,homeless,churches & children of her city & The world! In 1997 Spantaneeus also appeared in the movie,Freeway with Brooke Shields that was in movie theatre's,HBO,Cinemax,& many other cable channels! Many people seen her on E Channel on the Howard Stern Show,that showed repeats many times!

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