SOM Talk Live
Episode 43

WCW With SOM Talk Live: Becky Stallion | Talks Modeling, What She Wants In A Man , & More!

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This episode is presented by Author Sy Asad. Get her new book here:  Model Beckystallion known for her curves and hips, got into modeling as a way into acting. Hailing from the state of Louisiana in a little small town she Graduated from Grambling State University with a degree in Criminal justice and a minor in Sociology.

I got in the modeling kinda by accident, people liked my shape, and i just started taking pics and Doing photo shoots here and there, I’m using the modeling aspect as a stepping stone to get where i want to be as in Acting etc... i was kinda back and forth with it, should i take it seriously or get into my career Field full time but if certain stuff doesn’t work out  i have my degrees to fall back on! I work par-time online for this small business, doing spread sheets and things like that so we’ll see what happen. I’m going back to school in the spring, i mean why not!  it’s always good to have multiply degrees! Follow on Instagram @iambeckystallion 

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