Welcome to the Salty Runners podcast hosted by <a href="https://twitch.tv/old_world_gamer">OldWorldGamer</a>  and  <a href="https://twitch.tv/sixsevsairis">Sixsevsairis</a>  

Salty Runners is a monthly podcast that will be discussing different topics revolving around Speedrunning, Every month we will discuss a specific topic involving Speedrunning as well as pick a game to study it's World Record followed by watching the TAS (Tool-Assisted Speedrun) of the same game. Comparisons will help in studying different speedruns and to show the different tech used throughout. Although we have been casually speedrunning for a couple of years, we're amatuer Speedrunners compared to some fo the veterans that will be discussed. Any of our thoughts and opinions shared are just that, it's not about being wrong or right, it's about discussion and being able to learn from what we see and talk about.