Second Thoughts
Episode 82

"The Hardest Choices Require The Strongest Wills" - Avengers: Infinity War

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Join Matt, Kyle, and returning special guest Matt Malecki from the Real Fans 4 Real Movies Facebook group as they discuss the 19th Marvel Cinematic Universe film and owner of the longest Second Thoughts review yet: Avengers: Infinity War! The discussion spreads far and wide but the gang starts with their spoiler free thoughts as usual (1:06).  They then move onto a discussion of the MCU's visuals (5:37) and a long discussion of Thor, Doctor Strange, and the doc's "prediction" (13:37). Everyone is talking about the ending and we do, too (32:40) and then move onto a more detailed discussion of the Guardians' role in the film and more specifically Gamora and the presence of a character no one expected (43:13).  They discuss the Russos' direction, editing, and pacing (54:40) and then go back to a discussion of Thor and newcomer Peter Dinklage (1:02:33) before getting into an analysis of Thanos and his motivations (1:07:29).  Matt, Kyle, and Matt bring it all to a close with their final thoughts on the film and some vague predictions for the untitled sequel (1:26:06).  Thanks as always for listening, please rate us and review us on iTunes, and we'll see you next time.

Second Thoughts will return in Avengers 4.

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