Second Thoughts
Episode 90

Westworld - Season 2: Vanishing Point

Second Thoughts published on

Join Matt, Justin, and Logan as they're finally able to team up as a trio to tackle the penultimate episode of Westworld Season 2: Vanishing Point!  Yet another one topic episode, they start off with their immediate thoughts as usual (1:03). They move onto William and his "darkness" (4:27) and the loss he's dealt with since we first met him (9:18).  They follow up with a larger discussion of a series of scenes that involve most of our main characters (17:46) and tackle one of the most enduring theories since Season 1 Episode 1: Is William a host? (28:32)  Lastly, they finish up the episode with a broader discussion of what Hale and Delos are up to, what all is getting set up for the finale (37:37), and what the trio is expecting or asking to see in the final episode of Season 2 (44:23).  Thanks for listening, we really do appreciate it, and we'll see you with the last episode of the season, and the last review of the podcast for the forseeable future, The Passenger!

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