Settling Minds
Episode 21

Awareness of breath, guided meditation with Theo Adam-Bateson

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

Our consciousness is always aware of something, it requires an anchor through which it explore and travel. Do you feel you spend most of your awake time in thought? Do you ever feel you overthink things? Do you sometimes wish you could get a break from ‘Radio Me’ talking to you all the time? It is useful to understand that our conscious experience can be influenced by the thoughts we have but also by where we decide to place our attention.

Meditation practice is a discipline that eventually allows you to positively influence what you chose to be aware of. See it as working out your attention and focus on something else than your thoughts. At first it’s hard because we are so used to being in the mind so much the time. However with practice, by training to direct our awareness on different anchors, such as the breath or bodily sensations and eventually even awareness itself you elaborate a capability to know when to trust a thought and when to know that your mind is playing tricks on you again.

Join me in this guided meditation to start or depthen your practice of breath awareness. See it as a long term investment of 10 mins. Your mental health may thank you down the line.


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