Settling Minds
Episode 8

Ep. 8 : Ex-Monk Nick Kientsch, Transcending the limiting ideas of who we are

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

Identifying the pitfalls of the mind as we aim at bettering ourselves, silencing the mind and loving ourselves.

The use of identifying the narratives created by the mind to be present outside of self-doubt and akwardness. Dont force yourself to be a perfect being., perfection is paralysis. 

The ability to give love to ourselves by realising how we can kindle this energy for others (whether be it friend, neutral acquaintance and even foe) and learn to direct it towards ourselves.

Letting go of the attempt to be a perfect spiritual being and trying to embody that ideal that narrows our approach. Learning to allow ourselves to be present as the person that we are, outside of self-doubt.

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