Settling Minds
Episode 24

Medically Interdisciplinary with Dr Jaffe

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

How do can you act proactively to minimise costs at the hospital? How can you increase your day to day investment in your health by eating healthy, looking after your body and your mind?

Dr Russel Jaffe, who acquired his BS, MD (he is a Doctor of Medicine) and Ph.D at Boston University on the same day, gifts us his knowledge and experience. He started his interdisciplinary exploration of medicinal and lifestyle practices by studying alongside acupuncturists, monks and spiritual healers. He has come to developing a wide view approach on health that aims at treating the root cause of imbalances in the body rather than patching up the symptoms of such an imbalance.

Dr Jaffe and I are both believers in the importance of non-processed wholefoods that deliver the best nutrients to our body in the way that nature has developed the body to absorb them.

We covered a broad spectrum of subjects such as the use of dietary supplements and the importance of Magnesium in utilizing energy units for the cell (ATP); the right amount of protein to consume, about 80 grams for a growing and active 20 year old, that has to be balanced with the correct amount of Magnesium to avoid creating a more deleterious acidic internal environment.

Another topic covered was that of the importance of the gut microbiome and the Vagus nerve that allows two way exchange of information from the Enteric Nervous System (that of the gut)  to the brain and vice versa.

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