Settling Minds
Episode 21

No time like the Present

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

We perceive time as linear, this is taken for granted by most human brains on earth, However, does this perception of time depend on the state in which our consciousness is? And where does subatomic physics come into all of this?

Listen to two neuroscience graduates talk about how the state in which our brain is in affects our perception of time. As we change our frame of reference to explore the world we live in, the notion of time and the way it advances changes. At a subatomic level, when one has a frame of reference that only includes one particle, the change of the state of that particle cannot be compared to something else. At this level, only the present state of that particle exists, it has no past or present. Similarly when our conscious experience is only aware of what allows us to be aware, what some may call life force, spirit or essence, the frame of reference in which we place ourselves includes only one thing. Some say the spirit is immortal, is this true or not?


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