Settling Minds
Episode 25

Nomadic Business and Spiritual Development, Zeeger Scholten Part 1

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

Firing someone is never nice, especially when it’s your own company. How do you overcome your limiting beliefs to do what’s best for your employee and your company?

Zeeger talks about Nomadic Academy (which used to be his business), and how he applied Love in its development. He talks about firing people and not listening to the ego mind and going through a process of DISIDENTIFICATION. Stepping back from believing that firing someone will reflect badly on who you are is a useful skill to have.

Zeeger goes on to talk about his sense of Freedom and Confidence, which emanates from his approach to life rather than his ‘achievements’. Developing Freedom gives you the ability to process your experiences without reacting in fear. It allows you to avoid making decisions based on the working of the ego mind.

Take a step back and observe your internal processes Zeeger says. Step 1, develop self-awareness.

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