Settling Minds
Episode 19

SOLO Travels in Peru: mountains, spirits and communication.

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

Communication, introspection and wisdom. The three dimensions of my Trip to Peru. I dropped myself into an unknown world for 1.5 months and this is what I learnt : learning to communicate with confidence is an invaluable tool, happiness requires focus and llamas are fun to talk to.

I leanrt to see mountains as living ecosystems that one can communicate with, through prayer and a different mind-set, brought a whole new dimension to my trip. San Pedro ( which contains mescaline) brought to me a new level of body awareness that I now use to make decisions based on sensing and intuition rather than just with my mind and thoughts.

Final summary of the wisdom I travelled through was :  to live one's life with all one's heart and to take things step by step and with patience.

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