Settling Minds
Episode 16

Transforming your approach to the world, an interview with Jason ''the Argonaut'' Gibb,

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

What family culture do you want to build for your children’s children? Why can it be useful to think of the impact of your life choices on the lives of your future kin? Join me in my conversation with Jason ‘’the Argonaut’’ Gibb where we explore the use metaphors and wealth in deciphering the world we live in. From studying cinematography in Canada to now working as a general manager for a property investment company in Dubai, Jason draws on his wealth of experience at transitioning through different countries, mind-sets and goals.                                                  

Conversation nugget: '' if you take all the people in a room there level of intelligence may vary by only a few degrees. However, the level of wealth these people will have generated will vary greatly, and that is all down to their mindset. And we are not just talking about financial wealth....'' 

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