Settling Minds
Episode 22


Theo Adam-Bateson published on

What is one of your deepest FEARS? What is your greatest DREAM?

In this solo episode I go back to my childhood to understand more of what limited me and how I came to finally desire A LIFE of unconditional love towards the world. For me, my greatest fear is that of not being loved by the people in my life. This is a fear that a lot of us have had in our life and may still struggle with today. By listening to this fear I was afraid to take all the place I could take in my life as an adolescent. I would not always speak my mind and would be quite judgemental of others around me who were not afraid of speaking out and taking more space in the classroom.

Through my journey of discovery of self through Taoist meditation, Parkour and generally questioning life in what I liked to call a ‘’DEEP’’ way, I have now given into the dream of living my life with unconditional LOVE for those around me. This dream requires courage as no one else can tell YOU what your own truth is. I want to be honest with myself in every moment of my life. This requires drive and self-trust. In the end I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul.

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