Settling Minds
Episode 20

Understanding consciousness with Dinaay Sharma, UCL neuroscience graduate

Theo Adam-Bateson published on

Listen to two neuroscience graduates from UCL talk about consciousness from a neuroscientific and evolutionary point of view and its utility in understanding spirituality.

How can breaking down what consciousness is help you better your understanding of spirituality? How can it help you in your journey of transforming yourself and bettering yourself as a human being?

Consciousness is what allows us to process the information of the world we live in, it allows us to create a model of reality based on previous experience and also allows us to make predictions and inferences on what might happen in the future. Put simply, consciousness allows us to survive. The leading neuroscientific theories on consciousness are Active Inference and the Free Energy Principle. One relies on our understanding that entropy in the universe is constantly increasing and that biological systems work towards reducing this increase in entropy (a.k.a. chaos), and the other explains consciousness in terms of updating a model of reality to optimise our behaviour and become the best version of ourselves.

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