Shame or Shameless Podcast
Episode 4

The Ed Bowman Story Part 1

Christopher Felice published on

As a child born into a large family Edward Bowman was one of nine children. Growing up in a small upstate NY town, Edward Bowman was pitched into a system of struggles at a very young age. It was around 1949 when Ed at the tender age of 9 years old along with four of his siblings had their world turned upside down and were moved into the foster care system. As time would tell, the next decade or so would continue on in a world of uncertainty especially for children so early in the development and foundational stages of life. By the time Ed reached his adolescent years he had struggled with his biological relationships as well as the system he had been forced into to a point that he decided he wanted to disappear. As an adult Ed continued on in the journey of life and walked through many struggles as well.  

Ed Bowman is a man who refuses to sit down and let life’s circumstances dictate his story. Living through the tragedies of his life, Ed displays a great sense of fortitude as he marches forward in his quest to be the catalyst of change for the greater good of all humans. When this man gets knocked down, he refuses to stay down.  

Today’s episode of Shame or Shameless Podcast is dedicated to Ed’s journey and the creation of Clara’s Law, in honor of his wife Clara Mae Bowman. This episode is just part 1 of Ed’s story. You will get to hear the whole interview however due to its length I will be releasing it in a three-part series over the course of the next couple of weeks. I encourage you to come back and listen to each episode as Ed’s story progresses- at the age of 75 this man is on a mission. A mission that everyone should get behind and support. 

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