Sharpening the Blade

Just as it was good practice for a knight to keep his sword sharp (literally and figuratively), it is atleast as much so for the modern fellow.


Follow the tale of entrepreneurial endeavor;

Hear from regulars and experience their trials and tribulations as they happen

Learn from special guests ranging from one man armies to owners of businesses the size of small armies

Process the importance of what it means to suceed, a knight is more than a suit of armor

Plan and just as importantly, understand what a plan should mean for your context

Lead, doing so may cause one to stray more and further from the plan than simply acting on a plan. However, even as a freelance, learning to lead will add up to a reality that although is not the planned outcome, is often far beyond what was comprehensible at start, all while more satisfying still than crossing every line off a list.


In a time where many of our most frustrating problems often don't hold up to those of history, a more noble pursuit than that of following the well defined line is literally at your fingers. It may scare and intimidate, but reconcile that unknown with the creeping grip of knowing you aren't attempting your potential and that instead of atleast aiming for "greatness" and failing, you would rather run from legacy and it's exciting yet unlimited potential, and define, or perhaps confine, ones existance to the finality even the most successful mortals can't avoid.

This is a podcast about life fulfillment, it's about the stories of being human and the questions of how to best do that. It is what you make of it just as one does their life.


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