Shock The World - Episode 1 - Late One Sunday Night

?HELLO Coog Fans!!! I would like to proudly announce the SHOCK THE WORLD PODCAST! Your source for highly opinionated, moderately incoherent information on everything Houston Cougars.


Over the last few years, Jameson Widner, Big Meech, and I (Harrell Eason)have been sitting on our hands, talking about bringing the world a premium podcast, dedicated to covering everything related to Houston Cougar Athletics. Well guess what, the wait is over! We collectively got off our asses, and started the Shock The World Podcast! You won’t catch us reading countless facts off of pieces of paper, endlessly quoting the latest press releases, nor recapping last thing that Tom Herman just told the Chron. Instead we hope to bring you guys top tier, uncut opinions from decades long Coog Fans, and have some fun while doing it.


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Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.