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Episode 4

Episode 4: "A Family Affair"

Rebecca Weinberg published on

Episode 4 is a truly special edition, as Tyler Holland and I found ourselves in Mitchel Foster's home in Orlando, FL after a long trek down from New York. This episode is a little different from the others. It consists of a shit ton of beer, laughter, a dog named Thor, burping, hugging and some awesome song clips from Rush! I know you're all thinking, why Rush? Well, it's because Rush is fucking epic and so was the love-fest in which we recorded this episode!

Join the three of us (mostly Mitchel's voice of praise) as well as a group of our SIGT staff in this special podcast where you will learn a little bit more about your favorite SIGT family members. Mitchel's home is the holy abode of SIGT and he is Reverend/Pastor/Rabbi Foster.


Special Musical Shoutouts To: Rush for being epic!


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